Improving Patient Access to Dermatology Care

DermatologistOnCall® makes access to a board-certified dermatologist easier, faster and more convenient than ever.

Through our secure website or mobile apps, a board-certified dermatologist provides a full consultation, complete with a diagnosis, personalized treatment plan, and appropriate prescriptions - no appointments or travel needed. The process is simple, yet ensures the highest level of quality care.

Learn why 98% of DermatologistOnCall® patients said they would recommend our online dermatology platform to friends and family. It's just three simple steps to begin your online visit:

Step 1

Create an account.

Provide details about your skin
condition and 
medical history.

Step 2

Upload photos.

Take and upload photos of your skin
condition to our private and secure 

Step 3

Receive a diagnosis.

Receive a diagnosis and
personalized treatment plan in
under 24 hours, on average.


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