About Us

Technology to treat anytime, anywhere

Created for Dermatologists, by Dermatologists

Our flagship teledermatology product, DermatologistOnCall®, was developed by a practicing dermatologist who understands the information and protocol necessary to accurately diagnose, treat, and counsel patients. Our innovative platform provides a more convenient way for patients to receive skincare and allows dermatologists to use an "online office" to treat skin conditions and bolster patient relationships.

“I was at my child’s soccer game several years ago when in less than an hour I received nine phone calls from patients,” Iagnosis co-founder Mark P. Seraly, MD said. "I was talking to them, calling in prescriptions, and giving medical advice over the phone.”

In that moment, Dr. Seraly recognized a need for a better and more convenient way to provide service. Iagnosis and the DermatologistOnCall application was born and has since become a best practice solution for teledermatology.

Providing Best-In-Class Teledermatology Solutions

We are focused on patient-centered care: unimpeded access to a broad range of dermatology services that deliver satisfaction and choice, allowing patients to receive treatment for skin problems when and where they need it. We have a team of smart and creative people who will not compromise on anything less than developing solutions designed to be best-in-class in the industry.

Increasing Flexibility for Dermatologists, Improving Satisfaction for Patients

This simple and easy to use platform makes the online office visit intuitive for patients and providers while also saving time and eliminating possible frustrations often associated with healthcare. DermatologistOnCall is the new access point for online dermatology.

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