How Teledermatology Fits Into Your Practice Today

We know you’ve heard the chatter in the industry, and we’re guessing you’ve asked yourself, “Is it time for me to add teledermatology to my practice?” But, you’re not sure how it would fit into your practice or whether or not your patients would even use it. We invite you to watch an on-demand recording of this webinar designed to demonstrate How Teledermatology Can Fit Into Your Practice today and moving forward.
Mark P. Seraly, MD, a board-certified dermatologist who has been practicing teledermatology in his own practice for more than 10 years and Dermatologist Found/Chief Medical Officer, will share with you how teledermatology can:
  • Increase revenue by allowing you to see more patients in any given time frame
  • Help you maximize mid-levels’ schedules
  • Make procedural follow-up more efficient
  • Reduce appointment wait times for your patients
  • And, more… 
Dr. Seraly and his colleagues also will address common concerns of providers when it comes to implementing a teledermatology solution, share current stats on physician and consumer adoption of telehealth options, and discuss the return-on-investment you can expect