Iagnosis Integrates with Nextech's Dermatology-Focused EMR Solution

Dermatology practices using the Nextech EMR solution can benefit from an efficient and secure flow of patient information between Nextech and Iagnosis’ DermatologistOnCall® platform. That means simplified delivery and management of online care for patients. Pertinent patient information is automatically shared with the online dermatology visit, saving the patient data entry time and errors.

Through the strategic partnership between Iagnosis’ and Nextech, patients and dermatologists gain automated information sharing and valuable time-saving features to deliver efficient and exceptional online dermatology care.

This also provides the dermatologist with access to vital information to use when determining a diagnosis and patient-specific treatment plan. The same level of integration is available to dermatology providers who are on Iagnosis’ public DermatologistOnCall® network as well as for those who private-label the Iagnosis solution.

The integrated solution makes quality tele-healthcare ever-more accessible and convenient than ever. Our close integration provides dermatologists with a cutting-edge solution to generate additional revenue streams, improve patient acquisition and retention, and expand their overall practice.

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