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DermatologistOnCall Rallies for Skin Spot Checks

In the short time it takes to drink a cup of coffee, an individual can save their life with a simple skin check. DermatologistOnCall®, one of the largest teledermatology networks, challenges everyone to conduct a skin check for suspicious spots or moles. To honor Skin Cancer Awareness Month and encourage checks, DermatologistOnCall is offering five dollars off (with promo code SKINCHECK17) an online visit with a board-certified dermatologist the month of May.

According to, one in five Americans will develop skin cancer during their lifetime. The good news is this disease can be successfully treated when detected early. “Skin cancer does not discriminate, which means we all need to pay attention to our skin,” explains Mark P. Seraly, M.D., Chief Medical Officer for DermatologistOnCall. “A spot check is our first line of defense, so if something doesn’t look right, it should be checked by a dermatologist.”

The DermatologistOnCall network offers a virtual experience for patients seeking consultation for more than 3,000 skin, hair and nail conditions, including suspicious spots and moles. An online visit can be conducted at the patient’s convenience, regardless of the time of day.

“In some areas, patients must wait weeks for an in-office visit. With DermatologistOnCall, they can create an account, answer a few questions, upload pictures and typically receive a response from a dermatologist within 24 hours,” said Dr. Seraly.

DermatologistOnCall is available in 38 states. An online visit, normally $59, costs $54 during the month of May (with the promo code SKINCHECK17). To activate an account, visit

To learn more about skin cancer prevention and the importance of early detection, visit or

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DermatologistOnCall, one of the largest teledermatology networks in the world, offers individuals virtual visits with a board-certified dermatologist via any device, at any time. Through the platform, patients create an account in minutes, upload pictures of the affected area and receive a diagnosis/treatment plan, including applicable prescription orders, typically within 24 hours. DermatologistOnCall is the flagship product of Iagnosis, Inc., and is focused on delivering faster healthcare to patients through web-enabled solutions. Learn more at

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