Mid-level Virtual Visit Treatment Platform

Grow Your Practice Offline and Online by Enhancing Scale!

About Our Mid-level Solution

Growth in the utilization of mid-level providers has been exponential over the past decade, allowing practices to better keep up with patient demand. Iagnosis and our DermatologistOnCall® platform allow for those benefits of scale to be realized through online visits too - and to have online visits free up even more access to your office. DermatologistOnCall makes it easy to add mid-levels for conducting online visits with a review and approval process by a board-certified dermatologist in your practice prior to the final diagnosis and treatment plan being delivered to the patient.

What are the Benefits?

Integrating mid-level providers into online dermatology practices increases efficiency and revenue by improving patient flow, decreasing patient waiting times, expanding access to services and freeing up physician and exam room time to focus on more critical patient care issues and procedures. Under the supervision of a dermatologist, mid-levels can perform many of the same activities online, including*:

  • Participating in the office workflow of diagnosing patients
  • Shifting more of the mid-level's routine non-procedural patient cases online
  • Delivering all phases of treatment including e-prescribing and billing (with the dermatologist responsible for the final approval of the treatment)
  • Providing post-operative or routine follow-up care
  • Generating revenue under a model consistent with the office setting

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How It Works

  • Patients provide a brief medical history, information about their condition and upload photos through the secure DermatologistOnCall® platform or through the practice's private label system
  • Visits are selected through the provider portal by the mid-level or dermatologist
  • Mid-level conducts the patient visit and then send to the overseeing dermatologist for final review and approval in just a few clicks
  • If necessary, the dermatologist can recommend changes to the mid-level using a secure, private messaging thread visible only to the providers
  • Once complete, the comprehensive treatment plan is delivered to the patient showing the name of the mid-level along with the overseeing dermatologist

The total online visit review and approval process takes just minutes, which increases the volume of patients seen and improves the overall workflow, time management and economics of the office.

To learn more about this service, or to request a free demonstration, please complete the form on this page or email sales@iagnosis.com.

*Mid-level activities may vary depending on state laws.